Thursday, 8 November 2012

New bank notes
I heard people expressing their dissatisfaction about the look of our new bank notes.  I knew even before seeing the notes that I would fall in love with them.  I knew before touching them that I would be honoured to carry a picture of an African leader in my wallet.  I knew I would be honoured to carry a face of a person that had sacrificed and contributed so much towards my liberation.
Honestly, if it were up to me, if it was possible, I would love to carry the faces of all those people that rose against all odds  and fought for my  total emancipation.  I am one of those that are able to appreciate the value of these notes, their look and feel is not relevant to me but their symbolism means the world to me.



The smile on my face

I have lived a half a century, I have cried, I have had my heart broken into thousand pierces but I still have a beautiful smile on my face.  I have work hard to be where I am, there were times when a smile had to be forced by at the end of the day that smile became permanent.

The smile that is on my face managed to come through during years of hardship, it healed my emotional pain and it removed the physical pain that was tormenting me.  The people that smiled with me during my days of turmoil made me feel wanted, accepted and appreciated.  Their smile gave me courage to rise above it all.  Their smiles calmed my fears, insecurities and anxiety.  I am grateful to be able to smile through it all.  I am happy and my smile says it all. #smed12








People that matter in my life
In this journey called life we meet a lot of people, some make an impact and others just don’t leave a trace at all.  As I grow older I have vowed to care about the people that matter in my life, those that make a difference and those that worry about my wellbeing.  I care about people that love me in return, those that understand when they have wronged me and apologize for their actions.  I want to be surrounded by people that inform  me when I have wronged them and when I am losing my way.
The people that matter to me are those that are willing to listen to my problems even though they might not have the solutions to my problems.  I want to be surrounded by people that understand my downfall, people that rejoice with me when I am happy and those that hold my hand when all fails.

I love people and I appreciate their contribution in my life.  I am growing older, I don’t have time to nurse ego’s of people that don’t care about my wellbeing, I don’t have time for selfish people.  All I want is to be around people that I love and those people that love me back. #smed12

My kind of music

The music that I listen to tells a story, its music that rekindles my soul, music that touches my spirit.  I am in love with music that teaches me to be empathetic towards other peoples culture, music that develops my compassion.  I love music that helps me to express myself, music that takes me to desired places.

I live for my music because for a moment it kills my pain, it reduces my stress levels and it stimulates my brain cells.  I am a very active person, my music boost my exercise performance and promotes a good nights sleeps.  The music that I listen to helps me in my spiritual journey, it helps my worship to be meaningful and makes me feel closer to my Creator. #smed12



Knowing when to give up
There comes a time when one has to just give up on someone, a time when one has to let go of the one they love.  Letting go of a love one can be very painful but it has to be done at some point.  A relationship is between two people and when the other one has lost interest then it is no longer a relationship.  There is nothing more painful than being in a relationship were you are not happy and you are forever fighting about useless things.

There are many signs that show that your partner has lost interest.  People in a relationship do certain things that couples to and when suddenately the other partner feels uncomfortable in doing those things, that might mean the romance is vanishing.  Telling lies of where he or she is going, or where the other partner has been can also be a sign that his or her interest are elsewhere. 

When these things happen one should not despair and think there is something wrong with them, we need to understand the realities of love and life.  The harsh reality of life is that we are going to get hurt, we are going to cry and our hearts will be broken at one point in our lives.  All that we need to do, is not to settle for second best and let go once that time has arrived, sometimes we have to just try and forget about the person that once loved you and move on.#smed12





My idea of a meaningful life

Now more than any other time, I am eager to do things that are meaningful in my life.  I understand fully that I have only one lifetime and I may not be able to re-do all the things that I have done wrong.  I have resolved that I will try by all means to do the important things and focus all my energy on developing my myself and those around me.

I believe strongly that I should pursue the things that are close to my heart.  I would pursue my passion and do things that are worth living.  Being raised by a parent that truly understood her reason for living, I vow to do things that inspire me and those around me.  My principles would be my guiding manuscript and that would also make me aware of myself and my actions.

We are living in times were people are struggling to sustain their livelihood, the thought of giving back to those in need of help and make another being happy would add a smile to my face.  Loving people and understanding their value in my life is more fulfilling than possessing material items.#smed12

The importance of education
The youth of today do not realize the importance of being educated.  They don’t realize that education is a source of hope, that it instills a sense of pride and gives one courage to dream and pursue their desires.  They fail to understand that education open minds and allows one to identify and rectify their mistakes.  

Education allows people to effectively take advantage of their human rights and also allow one to understand the limits of their rights so that those rights do not infringe on another person’s rights.  Education assists one to distinguish between what is right and what wrong.  It’s also one of the requirements for many professional disciplines, which means education is one of the things needed for one to compete and succeed in this world. #smed12